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Name boats and boating

Associated Records

Image of Canoe


Strip-built open paddling canoe with yoke. Length: 11'11", Beam: 28 3/4" Weight: 40 lbs The noted New York physician Arpad Gerster used this boat for solo trips through the Adirondacks from bases at his camps on Raquette Lake and Long Lake. He took to the waterways alone to avoid the "annoyance...suffered through the impatience of the guides, who were always in a `stew' to reach the next hotel on the route, where `grub' was awaiting them." His kit included a tent of raw China Silk and a fly made by David Abercrombie, a pair of Jaeger blankets, an air pillow, a two-pound ax, a sheath knife, a rifle, and a cooking kit of aluminum. "In 1888 aluminum was a precious metal; but, undaun

Image of Canoe, Sailing

Canoe, Sailing

Open sailing canoe with floorboards and Radix centerboard. Cedar planking, varnished inside and out. Two sets of seat cleats. No seats. Mast holes in both decks but no sailing hardware or rig. Length: 13' 1"B:eam 31"Wteigh: 57 lbs Built by J.H. Rushton, Canton, 1883 When Arpad Gerster ordered this boat from J.H. Rushton, the sailing canoes popular with most canoeists had much longer decks, leaving only a five- or six-foot-long cockpit in which the skipper sat. An open boat like this one was lighter. This one has copper flotation tanks fore and aft which helped offset the dangers of swamping. It was paddled with a double-bladed paddle and had two "modified Bailey" sails, a type

Image of Canoe, Sailing

Canoe, Sailing

Open Sailing Canoe built around 1894 L:ength 13'Beam: 30"Weightt.: 69 lbs "IF YOU DO NOT SEE WHAT YOU WANT ASK FOR IT," wrote Rushton in the "greeting" to his 1903 catalog. One of the elements in his success was this willingness to build what the customer wanted. Sometimes such modifications were incorporated into his stock models, and sometimes they simply resulted in a one-of-a-kind customized boat. In the late 1890s, the entrepreneur William West Durant saw a small open canoe being sailed on Raquette Lake, "smothered in canvas" in light winds, and "in a `canoe hurricane...' under eight square feet of mainsail and a lady's handkerchief for a mizzen." This was another canoe in th

Image of Paddle


Double bladed canoe paddle made by J. H. Rushton or to his design. Rounded blades, brass tips, nickel-plated ferrules. Ferrules have a pin and 2-notch configuration for setting the blades for a constant angle of feathering. No maker's name but "6" on one side of each blade denoting the length. LOA: 6 feet blades 20" X 6 1/2"

Image of Star Lake - Fungus Art

Star Lake - Fungus Art

A shelf fungus that has been painted with a landscape showing a boat in the foreground with two boathouses in the background.

Image of Mr. Durant - Drawing

Mr. Durant - Drawing

Drawing, pen sketch: depicts a man standing in the bow of the Towahloondah, the boat has two guideboats on top.

Image of Lake George - Drawing

Lake George - Drawing

Drawing, pencil sketch: view of a lake with mountains on both sides, small boats in the water.

Image of Upper Saranac from Cory's - Drawing

Upper Saranac from Cory's - Drawing

Drawing, pencil on paper: round drawing of a lake with a boat in the center. Forested shoreline and mountains in the background.

Image of Echo Mountain, Sanford Lake - Drawing

Echo Mountain, Sanford Lake - Drawing

Drawing, pencil on paper: view of a lake with a rowboat and two people in the center. Mountains in the background.

Image of Canadian Richelieu Fishermen - Drawing

Canadian Richelieu Fishermen - Drawing

Drawing, pen sketch: depicts a boat with three men in rain coats fishing.

Image of Ausable Chasm - Drawing

Ausable Chasm - Drawing

Drawing, pen sketch: depicts Ausable Chasm. Tall rock walls on both sides of a river. A boat with two occupants entering near the foreground.

Image of Untitled - Drawing

Untitled - Drawing

Drawing, pen sketch: depicts a rock wall above a hill. Sailing canoe with tent over top in a river below.

Image of [Mill and Paddle Wheel] - Print

[Mill and Paddle Wheel] - Print

Lithograph, color print: depicts a mill and paddle wheel with water coming over the falls, but not over the paddle wheel. On the right, there is another house. In the foreground a man and woman, both with oars are getting into a boat. The moon's reflection shows in a pool to the people's right.

Image of Marsh and Boat - Print

Marsh and Boat - Print

Etching, black and white: Marsh depicted with figure in small rowboat in the lower left corner, water, grass, brush and trees in background.

Image of Black Mountain, (Lake George). - Print

Black Mountain, (Lake George). - Print

Engraving, black and white: The jagged mountain rises steeply in the right background from the lake's surface. The right foreground, rock islets with pines rise from water. A man with two dogs stands on one, while a third dog chases a buck in the left foreground. Four people in a boat also pursue the deer; a man holds a raised paddle. Behind this four sailboats and a paddle wheel cruise.

Image of Sabbath Day Point. (Lake George). - Print

Sabbath Day Point. (Lake George). - Print

Engraving, black and white: depicts a lake with tall, rocky mountains on both shores. To the right is a large house behind some trees. Three boats are in the water near the house. One sailboat with white sail, one boat with a person standing near and the other in the boat, third boat in the center with two people sitting.

Image of Lake George, N.Y. - Print

Lake George, N.Y. - Print

Engraving, black and white: Foreground has clearing with partially dead tree on right, cliffs with bushes and a man reading with his top hat beside him at left. The lake fills the middle distance. There is one near sailboat and canoe, and three far ones. The lake is surrounded by foliage, and mountainous ridges form background. The sky has few clouds. Image from, "The History and Topography of the United States." Vol. 2. 1836

Image of Barhydt's Lake. (Near Saratoga). - Print

Barhydt's Lake. (Near Saratoga). - Print

Engraving, color: Depicts a row boat with two men sitting across from one another. They both wear red shirts and yellow hats. The lake is surrounded by forested shorelines and soft clouds.

Image of Scene Among the Highlands On Lake George. - Print

Scene Among the Highlands On Lake George. - Print

Engraving, color: depicts a lake dotted with small islands. A red rowboat with one man to the right. Large mountains on both sides of the water.

Image of Caldwell. (Lake George.) - Print

Caldwell. (Lake George.) - Print

Engraving, color: Depicts a small town to the right with white houses and red roofs. Mountains in the background and a small forested island in the foreground. A row boat with four men to the left.