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Name Raquette Lake

Associated Records

Image of Canoe


Strip-built open paddling canoe with yoke. Length: 11'11", Beam: 28 3/4" Weight: 40 lbs The noted New York physician Arpad Gerster used this boat for solo trips through the Adirondacks from bases at his camps on Raquette Lake and Long Lake. He took to the waterways alone to avoid the "annoyance...suffered through the impatience of the guides, who were always in a `stew' to reach the next hotel on the route, where `grub' was awaiting them." His kit included a tent of raw China Silk and a fly made by David Abercrombie, a pair of Jaeger blankets, an air pillow, a two-pound ax, a sheath knife, a rifle, and a cooking kit of aluminum. "In 1888 aluminum was a precious metal; but, undaun

Image of Canoe, Sailing

Canoe, Sailing

Open sailing canoe with floorboards and Radix centerboard. Cedar planking, varnished inside and out. Two sets of seat cleats. No seats. Mast holes in both decks but no sailing hardware or rig. Length: 13' 1"B:eam 31"Wteigh: 57 lbs Built by J.H. Rushton, Canton, 1883 When Arpad Gerster ordered this boat from J.H. Rushton, the sailing canoes popular with most canoeists had much longer decks, leaving only a five- or six-foot-long cockpit in which the skipper sat. An open boat like this one was lighter. This one has copper flotation tanks fore and aft which helped offset the dangers of swamping. It was paddled with a double-bladed paddle and had two "modified Bailey" sails, a type

Image of Canoe, Sailing

Canoe, Sailing

Open Sailing Canoe built around 1894 L:ength 13'Beam: 30"Weightt.: 69 lbs "IF YOU DO NOT SEE WHAT YOU WANT ASK FOR IT," wrote Rushton in the "greeting" to his 1903 catalog. One of the elements in his success was this willingness to build what the customer wanted. Sometimes such modifications were incorporated into his stock models, and sometimes they simply resulted in a one-of-a-kind customized boat. In the late 1890s, the entrepreneur William West Durant saw a small open canoe being sailed on Raquette Lake, "smothered in canvas" in light winds, and "in a `canoe hurricane...' under eight square feet of mainsail and a lady's handkerchief for a mizzen." This was another canoe in th

Image of Paddle


Double bladed canoe paddle made by J. H. Rushton or to his design. Rounded blades, brass tips, nickel-plated ferrules. Ferrules have a pin and 2-notch configuration for setting the blades for a constant angle of feathering. No maker's name but "6" on one side of each blade denoting the length. LOA: 6 feet blades 20" X 6 1/2"

Image of Blue Mountain from Raquette Lake, near Bluff Point - Drawing

Blue Mountain from Raquette Lake, near Bluff Point - Drawing

Drawing, pencil sketch: view of a lake with forested shoreline and mountains.

Image of A Northwoods Island. - Print

A Northwoods Island. - Print

Etching, black and white: Artistic glorification of Round (or Inman) Island on Raquette Lake, looking west. Canoe with three figures on right. From donor's descriptive tag: Round Island - also called Inman's Island (Horce Inman of Amsterdam, NY) artificial gas logo & divided cabins - 2 rooms - one fire place - small chinese junk. While drilling for well - one blast tore off most of tin roof of cook house! Called "Bitter's Camp" since 1905

Image of Views in the Adirondacks - Print

Views in the Adirondacks - Print

Engraving, black and white: Depicts nine "Views in the Adirondacks." Mostly lake or river scenes with canoes. Tear sheet from, "Harper's Weekly." Vol. 3. P. 59 Captions, "Views in the Adirondacks." Scene of open camp surrounded by nine vignettes: "Head Gates and Overflow of Upper Canal"; "Camp on Raquette Lake"; Hudson River at luzerne"; Carry at Buttermilk Falls"; "View Near Saranac Inn"; "Ampersand Mountain"; "From Bartlett [carry]"; "Mount Morris from Outlet of Tupper Lake"; "On Blue Mountain Lake [view of Prospect House]."

Image of The Pines of the Racquette - Print

The Pines of the Racquette - Print

Engraving, hand colored: view of a river with tall trees on the left shore. Roots and cut branches are sticking out of the water in the left foreground. Five loons are taking off to the right. Tear sheet from the "Aldine" Vol. V

Image of View On Raquette Lake. - Print

View On Raquette Lake. - Print

Steel engraving, black and white: depicts a lake with a tall, pointed mountain in the background. A boat with three people in the water. A deer or moose in the water to the right. Image found in Headley's, "The Adirondack; Or, Life in Woods."

Image of Tertiary Triangulation. Sub-Base-Line.  Measured On the Ice of Raquette Lake Feb. 1877. - Print

Tertiary Triangulation. Sub-Base-Line. Measured On the Ice of Raquette Lake Feb. 1877. - Print

Lithograph, black and white with buff tint: depicts a winter lake scene. Three men doing survey work, one at the edge of the lake the other two on the frozen water. Sticks in a line dug into the frozen ice as far as the eye can see. Trees and mountains in the background. Lithograph found in, "Report on a topographical survey of the Adirondack wilderness of New York" Plate 16

Image of New York - Summer Life in the Adirondacks - Print

New York - Summer Life in the Adirondacks - Print

Engraving, black and white: view of seven different Adirondack images after Stoddard photographs. 1. Lake Utowana - Outlet: steamboat coming out of the outlet surrounded by woods. 2. Inglenook. Camp Pine Knot: Interior of rustic camp with fireplace and bunkbeds. 3. A Specimen Summer Kitchen: Rustic a frame building with picnic table 4. A Typical Camp on Raquette Lake: Lean -to with two men standing just outside and one lying inside. 5. Forked Lake from Outlet: Shore with a man pulling a guideboat. 6. Ray Brook - Letter "S": snaking river in front of woods. 7. Island Church on Raquette Lake: rustic church at the waters' edge. Tear sheet from, "Frank Lesslie's Illustrated Newspap

Image of New York. - Lake and Mountain Views in the Adirondack Region. - Print

New York. - Lake and Mountain Views in the Adirondack Region. - Print

Engraving, black and white: seven vignettes of lake and mountain views from around the Adirondacks. Tear sheet from, "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper," P. 348

Image of Wood's Cabin On Rackett [sic] Lake - Drawing

Wood's Cabin On Rackett [sic] Lake - Drawing

Drawing, pencil on paper: log cabin at the edge of a lake. Tall trees in the background. Mountains in the distance across the lake.

Image of Raquette Lake - Painting

Raquette Lake - Painting

Tight group of three deer drinking water near lily pads and blown down trees offshore. Behind the deer the heavily wooded shoreline of softwood telescopes into the middle of the picture and is in deep shadow in contrast to the opposite shore which swings in an arc horizontal across the middle of the canvas to the right border ending in a shadowy frame reflected in the unnatural peaks and buff sky. The sun almost obscured by clouds is nevertheless seen in a fiery attempt to come thru the clouds.

Image of West Mountain, Raquette Lake - Painting

West Mountain, Raquette Lake - Painting

Artist painted the scene with the sun going down directly over West Mountain. The reflected light of the sun illuminates the mountain top, its sides and creates a path in the waters of the lake at the foot of the mountain. The sun light path vertically divides the canvas in half. The lower third of the canvas becomes Raquette Lake with ridges on either forcing the eye to West Mountain. In the foreground of the sun light watery path is a boat tied to a dead-head. Two people are in the boat. William Richardson Tyler was one of Troy, New York's best-known artists. He moved there when he was a teenager to work as a decorative panel painter for a manufacturer of carriages, horse cars, and

Image of Untitled: Gold And Silver Beach, Raquette Lake - Painting

Untitled: Gold And Silver Beach, Raquette Lake - Painting

Sandy beach curving out from lower left corner among water lilies and grasses around to rock pile and tree stumps and a strong diagonal pine shooting upward from outside the lower right corner of the canvas. The canvas cuts off the tree at the top. The other 4/5 of the canvas are devoted partially to the lake whose shoreline, beaches, and forested slopes form a jogged horizontal through the middle of the canvas. Remaining third of canvas becomes bilious, fast moving clouds merging into the upper left corner of the canvas, the lake reflects the scene above the shoreline on its flat calm surface.

Image of A Good Time Coming - Painting

A Good Time Coming - Painting

Shanty Scene. Four figures, one cooking, two sitting on the right, one (John C. Force) standing, Holding a bottle of Champagne and tin cup -- man coming up from landing. Tait portrayed his own shanty on Constable Point (now Antlers Point) in Raquette Lake in this painting. After Chateaugay became developed with resort hotels, Tait moved to Raquette Lake in the summer of 1860. Raquette Lake remained picturesque, remote and unsettled. With his guides Calvin -- known as Captain -- Parker, Jim and Josiah Blossom, Tait camped here for nearly a decade. Tait made a rare identification of one of the figures in this painting in his Register of Paintings. The man holding the bottle was John

Image of Autumn Morning, Racquette [sic] Lake - Painting

Autumn Morning, Racquette [sic] Lake - Painting

Naturalistic depiction of buck and five does on a marshy lake shore with ducks, forest and mountain in background, fall coloring. This painting is a panoramic landscape of South Pond in late October 1871. Its size, subject and aesthetic quality mark it as one of Tait's masterpieces. Tait painted this canvas in his New York City studio during much of the winter of 1871-72, working from a small study done from nature at South Pond. Tait biographer Warder Cadbury speculates that he titled it Racquette [sic] Lake so that tourists would not spoil his little gem, South Pond, or so that the more well-known name of Raquette Lake would attract a buyer. He exhibited the work at the National Acad

Image of Racquette [sic] Lake - Painting

Racquette [sic] Lake - Painting

Deer. Buck standing and doe lying down. Raquette Lake in the background, fall coloring.

Image of Evening On Lake Raquette, Adirondacks - Painting

Evening On Lake Raquette, Adirondacks - Painting

Depicts three boats in the middle of a lake. There is a fourth boat with only one man in it farther down the lake. The three boats that are together look like they contain families. The lake is bordered by trees. The sky has a few grey clouds off to the left. In the background stands a mountain with it's peak near the center of the painting. This scene was painted from "Hungry Bay" on Middle Saranac lake (known then as "Round Lake." Mount Ampersand is in the background.