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Name Long Lake

Associated Records

Image of Canoe


Strip-built open paddling canoe with yoke. Length: 11'11", Beam: 28 3/4" Weight: 40 lbs The noted New York physician Arpad Gerster used this boat for solo trips through the Adirondacks from bases at his camps on Raquette Lake and Long Lake. He took to the waterways alone to avoid the "annoyance...suffered through the impatience of the guides, who were always in a `stew' to reach the next hotel on the route, where `grub' was awaiting them." His kit included a tent of raw China Silk and a fly made by David Abercrombie, a pair of Jaeger blankets, an air pillow, a two-pound ax, a sheath knife, a rifle, and a cooking kit of aluminum. "In 1888 aluminum was a precious metal; but, undaun

Image of Canoe, Sailing

Canoe, Sailing

Open sailing canoe with floorboards and Radix centerboard. Cedar planking, varnished inside and out. Two sets of seat cleats. No seats. Mast holes in both decks but no sailing hardware or rig. Length: 13' 1"B:eam 31"Wteigh: 57 lbs Built by J.H. Rushton, Canton, 1883 When Arpad Gerster ordered this boat from J.H. Rushton, the sailing canoes popular with most canoeists had much longer decks, leaving only a five- or six-foot-long cockpit in which the skipper sat. An open boat like this one was lighter. This one has copper flotation tanks fore and aft which helped offset the dangers of swamping. It was paddled with a double-bladed paddle and had two "modified Bailey" sails, a type

Image of Paddle


Double bladed canoe paddle made by J. H. Rushton or to his design. Rounded blades, brass tips, nickel-plated ferrules. Ferrules have a pin and 2-notch configuration for setting the blades for a constant angle of feathering. No maker's name but "6" on one side of each blade denoting the length. LOA: 6 feet blades 20" X 6 1/2"

Image of Mount Seward, From Lake Incapahcho or Long Lake. - Print

Mount Seward, From Lake Incapahcho or Long Lake. - Print

Lithograph, black and white: Lake fills fore and middleground with several wooded points projecting into it. Above these shores rises a many peaked mountain, in the center background. The scenery is reflected in the still lake, on which two men are rowing in a guideboat at the far left foreground.

Image of Hotel Adirondack, Long Lake - Drawing

Hotel Adirondack, Long Lake - Drawing

Drawing, pen and ink sketch: depicts a lake with a canoe to the right, mountain in the background.

Image of Long Lake From near Kellogs - Drawing

Long Lake From near Kellogs - Drawing

Drawing, pencil sketch: view of a lake with an island in the distance, forested shorelines and mountains.

Image of Summer in the Adirondacks - Print

Summer in the Adirondacks - Print

Engraving, black and white: four scenes depicting the summer in the Adirondacks. Top image, sun light on a lake. Middle image, three men with a horse drawn cart entering the woods. Lower left, lake view from train tracks. Lower right, rowboats in a lake. Tear sheet from, "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper," P. 380

Image of Round Island, Long Lake - Print

Round Island, Long Lake - Print

Wood Engraving, black and white: view of a lake with islands and mountains in the background. Tear Sheet from "Picturesque America," Vol. VI (1874) by William Cullen Bryant

Image of Mount Seward, From Long Lake - Print

Mount Seward, From Long Lake - Print

Engraving, black and white: view of a large mount, lake in the foreground with islands or a penisula. Tear Sheet from "Picturesque America," Vol. VI (1874) by William Cullen Bryant

Image of An Anxious Moment - Painting

An Anxious Moment - Painting

Naturalistic depiction of two bearded men in birch canoe, one paddling, one with rifle, approaching a distant buck and doe, with forest and lake background, fall coloring. From "The Adirondack World of A.F. Tait:" Tait described this painting in his Register as Follows: "Painted from Nature - Two Guides in a Canoe, coming up to two Deer View on Long Lake looking across towards the big [Swamp (crossed out)] Marsh." Handwritten, verso "B.N. 1880/ View Long Lake/ Hamilton Co./ N.Y./ "An Anxious Moment" /"Suspense"/ Painted from nature/ by/ A. F. Tait, N.A."

Image of Long Lake - Painting

Long Lake - Painting

View of Long Lake looking south towards the present Long Lake Village between Round Island (left) and smaller island on right.

Image of Snowed in - Painting

Snowed in - Painting

Realistic depiction of Uncle Dan Catlin of Long Lake, NY and dog rescuing four fallen sheep in snow with snow mantled trees and stumps in the background. From "The Adirondack World of A.F. Tait" p. 61: Tait's Register notes that this is "Uncle Dan Catlin & Scotty dog rescuing Sheep in Snow after a Snow Storm." This is the second of six similar subjects the artist painted between 1875-1891. Dan Catlin lived in Endion in the 1870's or 1880's Original accession files state the title is "Lost in the Snow"

Image of Long Lake - Painting

Long Lake - Painting

Depicts a long, narrow lake with forested shoreline on both sides of the painting. A man is working on (or shooting from) a large, flat rock to the left. One end of a rowboat is at left foreground. In the background are mountains (the Seward Range and the Santanoni Range). The sky is blue-white with few clouds. Born in Scotland, James Cameron was a portrait and landscape painter. He first settled in Philadelphia and studied art. He married there and honeymooned in Italy where he also painted landscapes. Cameron ultimately settled in Chattanooga, Tennessee, leaving a legacy of landscapes of that region's spectacular scenery. Nothing is known about his Adirondack experience except the

Image of Good Hunting Ground - Painting

Good Hunting Ground - Painting

Depicting a buck and doe standing in tall grass near the center of the painting near the edge of Long Lake. To the right are two pair of mallards flying out of the lake. To the left is a family of hare's at the front of the painting. The background shows Long Lake in fall with mountains and billowing clouds. The repeated subject of bucks and does together in their forest home, joined in this painting by a hare family and two pairs of mallard ducks, underscores Tait's understanding of the importance of family to his Victorian audience. The animal family is an allegory for human domestic tranquility that Tait used often, to great popular success. Exhibited at the National Academy of D

Image of A Natural Fisherman - Painting

A Natural Fisherman - Painting

Depicts an otter on a rock in a stream, his forepaws holding down a just-caught brook trout. On the canvas back is inscribed: "No. 3 / A Natural Fisherman 1875 / Otter w. Trout / A.F. Tait / Long Lake / Hamilton County / NY This painting is supposed to be painted at Buttermilk Falls, Long Lake, NY

Image of A Party Guide-Boating Thru Long Lake ca. 1900 - Painting

A Party Guide-Boating Thru Long Lake ca. 1900 - Painting

Depicts a lake with a number of guide boats. Hotel Sagamore can be seen on the far side of the lake and mountains in the background.

Image of Buttermilk Falls, 1988 - Painting

Buttermilk Falls, 1988 - Painting

Depicts a winter scene of Buttermilk Falls, Long Lake. Thick ice to the left and a forest on the far side of the water.

Image of The Forest - Painting

The Forest - Painting

Scene of deer and fawn in the forest. "1819 A. F. Tait N.A. 1905 / The Forest/ Long Lake, Adirondacks." Verso: cardboard photocopy of writing on back of canvas:"Painted from Nature/ "The Forest"/ "Adirondacks, NY"/ South Pond near Long Lake/ Hamilton County, N.Y./ Sept. 1871/ A. F. Tait, N.A." Although this painting has been rebacked, the inscription was obtained prior to rebacking.

Image of Autumn - Painting

Autumn - Painting

Scene of two hunters in a canoe on a lake approaching a deer on shore.

Image of [Allen Sketchbook #1] - Sketchbook

[Allen Sketchbook #1] - Sketchbook

Sketchbook with 29 pencil sketches, 1 pen sketch and drawings of the Adirondacks and Massachusetts; 2 hand drawn maps - one of Adirondacks, one of New York-Pennsylvania border See "Multimedia link" for Collection Description