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Name Hamilton County

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Image of Indian Summer, Blue Moutain Lake, NY - Painting

Indian Summer, Blue Moutain Lake, NY - Painting

Autumn landscape, few sparse trees in the foreground and Blue Mountain Lake in the background. Painted from the lower slope of Blue Mountain above the old McCullough farmhouse which was above and to the left of brook where sawmill was located.

Image of View of the Hermits Mill - Drawing

View of the Hermits Mill - Drawing

Drawing, pencil and wash sketch: depicts a rustic cabin with smaller building near, tall trees around the buildings. Mountain in the background.

Image of Blue Mountain Lake - Painting

Blue Mountain Lake - Painting

Scene of Blue Mountain Lake, perhaps in Autumn. Lower third of picture becomes the waters of the lake. Middle third forms the shoreline with tiny ponds indicated in the center of the composition. Green-yellowish hills near the lakeshore; dark blue greens in the higher ridges to softly modelled mountains of earth colors. An evening sky of violets, yellows and greens. On the whole the paint is applied with a good firm brush stroke making the paint obvious and for itself. LR corner has a heavy application of paint indicates islands in the lake and white caps, 5 or 6 long smears across the bluish-white waters. A long tiny dot of an island on the left. Depiction of Blue Mountain Lake

Image of Hoar Frost - Painting

Hoar Frost - Painting

"Winter, Blue Mountain Lake" (alternate title) Cold, wintery bluish whites. Lower quarter a snowy field curving diagonally from left to lower right. Good penetration of the surface above the snowy lower quarter is executed by the mysterious shadows that become lost between the tree trunks and branches of the cold snowy hardwood trees that form a pattern across the middle of the picture. One group of trees in the center dominates the composition; other trees in the horizontal pattern are the reverse of the lower snowy pattern in that they curve from right to lower left. The tree tops are light and heavy with frost providing cold contrast for the deep blue of the sky behind them. The to

Image of An Anxious Moment - Painting

An Anxious Moment - Painting

Naturalistic depiction of two bearded men in birch canoe, one paddling, one with rifle, approaching a distant buck and doe, with forest and lake background, fall coloring. From "The Adirondack World of A.F. Tait:" Tait described this painting in his Register as Follows: "Painted from Nature - Two Guides in a Canoe, coming up to two Deer View on Long Lake looking across towards the big [Swamp (crossed out)] Marsh." Handwritten, verso "B.N. 1880/ View Long Lake/ Hamilton Co./ N.Y./ "An Anxious Moment" /"Suspense"/ Painted from nature/ by/ A. F. Tait, N.A."

Image of Blue Mountain Lake. Adirondacks. - Print

Blue Mountain Lake. Adirondacks. - Print

Lithograph, color print: depiction from near outlet of Blue Mountain Lake with islands and two boats, with Mountain and Merwin's Blue Mountain House left background, Holland's Blue Mountain Hotel center and Prospect House right.

Image of A Northwoods Island. - Print

A Northwoods Island. - Print

Etching, black and white: Artistic glorification of Round (or Inman) Island on Raquette Lake, looking west. Canoe with three figures on right. From donor's descriptive tag: Round Island - also called Inman's Island (Horce Inman of Amsterdam, NY) artificial gas logo & divided cabins - 2 rooms - one fire place - small chinese junk. While drilling for well - one blast tore off most of tin roof of cook house! Called "Bitter's Camp" since 1905

Image of Raquette Lake - Painting

Raquette Lake - Painting

Tight group of three deer drinking water near lily pads and blown down trees offshore. Behind the deer the heavily wooded shoreline of softwood telescopes into the middle of the picture and is in deep shadow in contrast to the opposite shore which swings in an arc horizontal across the middle of the canvas to the right border ending in a shadowy frame reflected in the unnatural peaks and buff sky. The sun almost obscured by clouds is nevertheless seen in a fiery attempt to come thru the clouds.

Image of Long Lake - Painting

Long Lake - Painting

View of Long Lake looking south towards the present Long Lake Village between Round Island (left) and smaller island on right.

Image of Eleventh Mountain - Painting

Eleventh Mountain - Painting

Landscape with pines in foreground, suggestion of body of water on right, rising to background of twin mountain peaks and clouds.

Image of Lumber Headquarters - Painting

Lumber Headquarters - Painting

Landscape with narrow dirt road leading to a cluster of barns and buildings with a lake and mountains in the background. Titled on sticker on back "Lumber Headquarters, Cedar River Flow, Adirondacks."

Image of Snowed in - Painting

Snowed in - Painting

Realistic depiction of Uncle Dan Catlin of Long Lake, NY and dog rescuing four fallen sheep in snow with snow mantled trees and stumps in the background. From "The Adirondack World of A.F. Tait" p. 61: Tait's Register notes that this is "Uncle Dan Catlin & Scotty dog rescuing Sheep in Snow after a Snow Storm." This is the second of six similar subjects the artist painted between 1875-1891. Dan Catlin lived in Endion in the 1870's or 1880's Original accession files state the title is "Lost in the Snow"

Image of West Mountain, Raquette Lake - Painting

West Mountain, Raquette Lake - Painting

Artist painted the scene with the sun going down directly over West Mountain. The reflected light of the sun illuminates the mountain top, its sides and creates a path in the waters of the lake at the foot of the mountain. The sun light path vertically divides the canvas in half. The lower third of the canvas becomes Raquette Lake with ridges on either forcing the eye to West Mountain. In the foreground of the sun light watery path is a boat tied to a dead-head. Two people are in the boat. William Richardson Tyler was one of Troy, New York's best-known artists. He moved there when he was a teenager to work as a decorative panel painter for a manufacturer of carriages, horse cars, and

Image of Cold Spring Camp, Fourth Lake - Painting

Cold Spring Camp, Fourth Lake - Painting

Depiction of log cottage by lakeshore with softwood forest in background, boat house and beaches canoe right with human figure with paddle between boathouse and cottage. Oval paper stretched and glued to canvas in oval plush mat and gilded frame. From "The Adirondacks" pg. 157 by J.F. Grady: "The Snyder camp, the third to be built on the Fulton Chain and the first on Fourth Lake, was built in 1869 by Jack Sheppard and Sam Dunakin for H.D. Snyder of Port Layden, a member of the Snyder Brothers tanning firm. It was located on the Lower North Shore of the lake near a spring that bubbled from the ground in a stream of crystal clear water a few rods from the shore. The spring, famous among

Image of Untitled: Gold And Silver Beach, Raquette Lake - Painting

Untitled: Gold And Silver Beach, Raquette Lake - Painting

Sandy beach curving out from lower left corner among water lilies and grasses around to rock pile and tree stumps and a strong diagonal pine shooting upward from outside the lower right corner of the canvas. The canvas cuts off the tree at the top. The other 4/5 of the canvas are devoted partially to the lake whose shoreline, beaches, and forested slopes form a jogged horizontal through the middle of the canvas. Remaining third of canvas becomes bilious, fast moving clouds merging into the upper left corner of the canvas, the lake reflects the scene above the shoreline on its flat calm surface.

Image of Geology, This Momentary Phase - Painting

Geology, This Momentary Phase - Painting

Geologic-stylized depiction of Blue Mountain Lake, chain lakes off to the left and Raquette Lake in the far background from summit or near summit of Blue Mountain. Sixth of six painting comprising exhibit "Adirondack Geological Events." Exhibit label reads the following: "The Momentary Phase... The algae have given way to spruce, the corals and mastodons to the trout and bear and man can be a time-traveler simply by reading the rocks and soil of the Adirondacks. Erosion has sculptured the major outlines of Marcy and Whiteface - and Blue Mountain. The sandy waste of glaciers has dammed the streams to make lakes and ponds, forests have followed the ice front back. The present peaceful

Image of Views in the Adirondacks - Print

Views in the Adirondacks - Print

Engraving, black and white: Depicts nine "Views in the Adirondacks." Mostly lake or river scenes with canoes. Tear sheet from, "Harper's Weekly." Vol. 3. P. 59 Captions, "Views in the Adirondacks." Scene of open camp surrounded by nine vignettes: "Head Gates and Overflow of Upper Canal"; "Camp on Raquette Lake"; Hudson River at luzerne"; Carry at Buttermilk Falls"; "View Near Saranac Inn"; "Ampersand Mountain"; "From Bartlett [carry]"; "Mount Morris from Outlet of Tupper Lake"; "On Blue Mountain Lake [view of Prospect House]."

Image of [Allen Sketchbook #1] - Sketchbook

[Allen Sketchbook #1] - Sketchbook

Sketchbook with 29 pencil sketches, 1 pen sketch and drawings of the Adirondacks and Massachusetts; 2 hand drawn maps - one of Adirondacks, one of New York-Pennsylvania border See "Multimedia link" for Collection Description

Image of [Raquette River] - Drawing

[Raquette River] - Drawing

Page from Rev. Frederick B. Allen Sketchbook #1; pencil sketch of a boat heading towards a forested shore.

Image of [Long Lake, Adirondacks] - Drawing

[Long Lake, Adirondacks] - Drawing

Page from Rev. Frederick B. Allen Sketchbook #1; pencil sketch of a water way running through mountains.